I am young grandfather who grew up in the US and moved to Israel a few decades ago, in the 70’s.

In Israel I entered the field of Jewish Education. I learned and taught in Yeshiva and Kollelim for a few decades, until the affect of the pleasant burden of marrying off children made it such that it seemed to me correct to return to my original expertise, which was computer programming.

In 2014 I launched a site TorahOnline.co.il, where I teach a course in the skills of how to learn Chumash (Torah) and Rashi (the most learned of all of the classic commentaries on the Torah). I added, due to popular demand, a framework following the Weekly Parsha.

This blog was active during the years of approx. 2008-2013, when I recorded my innovative thoughts on the Parsha and the Jewish Holidays, and general Jewish thought. Then I let it go because of technical reasons, and now, toward the end of 2017, I am trying to rejewvenate it again.