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Rosh Chodesh

Rosh Chodesh This post about Rosh Chodesh is not intended to be understood by everyone. Rosh Chodesh Kislev Today starts Rosh Chodesh Kislev. Searching for Jewish Beliefs? Click Here for my main article on Jewish Beliefs. I heard once from my Rosh Kollel decades ago an explanation for the seemingly surprising statement by Chazal that…

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Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha 5769

Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha Let me share some thoughts on Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha that came to me like a flash. Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha One of the questions that I had for years, was that it says in Halacha that on Rosh Hashana one should not mention his sins, he should not say viduy, and so forth. Many skip in Aveinu Malkainu…

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