Thirteen Principles – G-d Was First


Regarding these 13 principles I prefaced some remarks on the parent page here

The Rambam writes that this One that he mentioned previously is the absolute first entity that ever was, eternal. And that everything else in creation existed only after G-d, and does not share G-d’s eternalness. There are many proofs for this principle in the Holy writings. And that this principle is included in what we learn from the verse, towards the end of the Torah, “The dwelling place of the Eternal G-d…” (Me’ona Elokay Kedem).

An addition that I found in Kapach’s rendition: it is a fundamental principle in Judaism that all of creation was created by G-d, and before that creation there was nothing. This is opposed to the opinion of the philosophers that the world is eternal. This is not correct. Only G-d is eternal.

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