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Tzedakah FAQ

I wish to relate to a very basic question that I received, and if I had one, it would be on my Tzedakah FAQ.

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Tzedakah FAQ Question

Tzedakah FAQ Question: What is my intention with this Tzedakah page, to use the Author blog to collect money?

Answer: I wouldn’t put it that way.

Rather I offer the Tzedakah page as a service in a contextual sense to the Jewish content of the blog which focusses on points of Jewish religious life. Jews live with Tzedakah, and I am referring to the givers, not to the takers. Even those who live on Tzedakah give Tzedakah several times a day, in synagogue, and when they come knocking on the door. This Tzedakah page for me costs me resources, my time, and also checks cost money for example, and there are obvious risks by having other people’s money passing through my account.

What do I offer?

To be able to give via Paypal or credit card. To be able to give in a way that 100% of the money goes to the poor, and not to pay for pens, tables, and salaries. If you don’t know me, or don’t trust me, or don’t need me, then by all means, please don’t give. I am volunteering a service, not looking to talk you into anything.

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