Rambam 13 Principles Video Presentation

Rambam 13 Principles

August 2016: This page was broken as a result of a hacker, and it is beyond the scope of the resources that I have currently have to fix it. There was a video that I produced on the first of the 13 principles, and a sign-up form to receive the rest of them, and then the notes below. Sorry, Boruch Rappaport

Notes as of April 2014:

With G-d’s help I will have all 13 videos online soon. As of today there is only one video online, the introduction to all of the 13 principles, and a presentation of the first principle (approx. 15 minutes).

The reason is that as of today we are holding less than two weeks before the Jewish holiday of Pesach, Passover, and before then I will not be able to put any more up. But my plan is to get them all up online during May-June 2014.

The subscription includes all of the 13 videos on the Rambam’s “Ani Maamin”, his 13 principles, as they come out.

It also includes admission to my email course on Jewish Beliefs.

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