Chanuka Menora

Chanuka Menora

I have a personal friend that I have know for years who creates beautiful Judaica art.

I have written previously about his Kiddush Cup. In this post I wish to show you his Chanuka Menora, also known as a Chanukia.

Everything that you see is personally hand made by the artist from gold, silver, and precious stones. I have seen some of his pieces personally, they are breathtaking.

Mitzva Train With Chanukia

Take a look at this Mitzva Train with the Chanukia and Megilla holder.

The first two cars are the Menora, the third one holds the Megilla (for Purim).

Chanuka Menora Train 10

The Menora and Its Parts

Here I will show you a slide show showing the Menora and its parts. At this speed, it comes alive all by itself and seems to be steaming forward, glittering in the sun – that’s the impression we get.

(The Slide Show needs to be rebuilt due to a hacker that destroyed my site, and now in 2017 I changed themes and no longer have this particular slider.)

Notice the fine design work that the artist engraved on the pieces.

These are not pieces of art for which you would go to a five and ten cent store to purchase. If you are person of means, and would like to consider this Menora/Chanukia for your home, please leave a comment here, which will not be published, and I will get you together with the artist.

Update in 2017: The artist unfortunately became sick and passed away a number of years ago. I am out of touch with the family, but I can be if you want to inquire whether anything is left.

A Freilechen Chanuka,

Boruch Rappaport

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