Shavuos: Matan Torah

Shavuos: Matan Torah

In a few hours begins the Chag, Jewish Holiday, Shavuos 2010. The main theme of Shavuos is Matan Torah.

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Matan Torah

The Kabbalistic works, especially the Aitz Chaim and its commentaries, discuss what happens during the Creation which occurs at every moment, the path that the Hashpaah from the Creator comes from above to below, so to speak.

The bottom rung, after all of that, is Klal Yisroel. The role of Klal Yisroel is to be kli through which G-dliness becomes revealed in the world. This is brought out by the simple observance of Torah and Mitzvos like the Ribono Shel Olam commanded.

So therefore Matan Torah was the completion of creation, and not for naught did Chazal say on Yom HaShishi that the whole world was suspended, sort of on condition, that Klal Yisroel accepted the Torah on the sixth of Sivan. For this was the last step of creation, that Klal Yisroel should accept upon themselves this job. This is what was lacking in Creation before then.

Thus the gevaldika simcha of Heaven and earth when that great chasana took place, of the union between Shamayim and Eretz via Klal Yisroel accepting upon themself Mitzvah observance at Matan Torah.

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