Judaica Art – Kiddush Cup

Judaica Art – Kiddush Cup

I have a personal friend that I have known for years who designs and creates exquisite Judaica Art items, from silver, gold, and precious stones. They are breathtaking, real collector’s items.

In this post I will show you a Kiddush Cup for Shabbos. First take a look, then I will describe it.

Shabbos Kiddush Cup

Shabbos Kiddush Cup

Judaica Art – Kiddush Cup with its Plate

Everything that you see is personally hand made by the artist.

This is a Shabbos Kiddush Cup with its plate. On the plate is engraved the Lechem HaPanim (the “Showbread”) as it stood in the Holy Temple. The side of the Kiddush Cup is engraved with a picture of the Shabbos table. Note that the entire Kiddush is engraved around and under the top edge of the Kiddush Cup, 400 letters.

This Judaica piece is just beautiful, makes your heart beat fast just to look at it. It might not be an exaggeration to say that if Betzalel were alive today, that this artist would be in the first row of his assistants.

For an additional view of the Kiddush Cup, Click Here.

If you would be interested in considering purchasing this item I can arrange a meeting between the two of you. Please leave a note on the Contact Form with your contact details. We speak English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

Update in 2017: Unfortunately the artist got sick and passed away a number of years ago. I am not in touch with the family, but I could be if you want to ask if there is anything left.

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