Marketing & Web DesignWelcome to the Marketing and Web Design half of the blog. Here you can find original articles by yours truly on various topics of Internet Marketing, Website Design and Development, and Website Hosting.

To navigate, in the left sidebar you will see a “Categories” box, with little arrows followed by the name of each category. If you click the category name, the table of contents so to speak, of that category opens up, and the individual posts are listed.

Relevant categories are:

  • Website Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Cheap Website Hosting (and BRap Hosting) and
  • BRapniche on “Niche Marketing” and my Twitter page

Specially featured posts you can find at the bottom of the page in the pictures in the footer, and timely posts I will try to have in the banner rotator. When the desired picture comes up, just click it.

Enjoy, and please leave feedback in the comment box.

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