Matonos La’Evyonim 2011

My intention with this page is not so much to talk you into anything, rather to make you an offer.

Amongst the major-league Mitzvos of Purim is Matanos La’Evyonim. As I wrote in my post about Purim, the Rambam writes that one should invest in a more serious way in the Mitzvah of Matonos La’Evyonim than in his Seudah or Mishlo’ach Manos.

As I wrote on my Tzedakah page, I know many people here in the local community who unfortunately have to come on the help of others. Real “honest-to-goodness” hard working honorable, trustworthy people, yet as a result of marrying off their children (or alternatively unexpected illness etc.) and everything else that goes on here in our community, they have become really bonafide destitute, such that the poverty becomes a threat to their health.

Purim is a time when feeling people naturally open their hearts, including me. There is one family in particular that I know their situation from the inside, one of the nicest families that I know, that are struggling on a day to day basis just for basic needs, besides the big debts that they took upon themselves in order to marry off their kids.

This is a bonafide Mitzvah of Matonos La’Evyonim mehadrin min hamehadrin. I will chip in bl”n (at the minimum) whatever costs, like Paypal fees, that accrue as a result of the collection, so that you can be sure that 100% of your money goes to the family.

All money that comes in by Motz. Shabbos will be given to the family “Bo B’Yom”, on Sunday morning (Yud Dalet).

With thanks, and blessings from this Kohen hediot, for Shefa Brocho Ve’Hatzlocho, and a freilechen Purim.