I address those for whom the word Tzedakah does not have to be translated. Or Tzedaka, Tzedukah, Tzeduka, Tsedaka, Tsedakah.

100% Tzedakah Opportunity

Without fancy web page design, colors, fonts, or background. Just words spoken from the heart which Chazal say go into the heart…

I know many people personally, good non-violent hard-working people, who for all kinds of reasons became destitute and have to come on to the help of others. Sometimes tragic reasons, sometimes just victims of the way things are, people who I know their story from the inside, why they got in trouble, what they are doing to help themselves, who else is helping them.

I offer you a 100% tzedakah opportunity to give to bona fide poor people, known and checked out personally by me. 100% of the money will go to the families, there is no overhead here. The money goes into Paypal, then into my US account, and then I write a check. Whatever money is deducted by Paypal in charges, I will make up out of my own pocket, bli neder.

In the sefer Taharas HaKodesh, if I remember correctly, he writes there that this that Chazal say that when a person does a Mitzvah he creates a good angel, and when he sins he creates a bad angel: When a person repents, does Tshuvah, OK, so he gets his record wiped clean, but what happens to all those angels? Says the Taharas HaKodesh, either they come to wreak havoc on the person, in which case they have fulfilled the purpose of their being created, or alternatively Tzedakah destroys them like a machine gun.

I cannot currently offer an official receipt for tax purposes, as I don’t have an organization. This is a purely private arrangement.

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Tizku LeMitzvot