About Tzedakah

About Tzedakah

I wish to write a few ideas about Tzedakah, and I preface that I don’t intend on saying Chidushim, inovative ideas, nor to publish only things that have never been published online. Rather my intention is to add contextual content to my Tzedakah page here on boruchrappaport.net, so that a visitor to the page will be able to see a little bit about Tzedakah here in the blog.

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Tzedakah and Blessing

The Tur writes at the beginning of Hilchos Tzedakah (247) that he who is careful to give Tzedakah, they (the Torah, or better, the Tzedakah – Prisha) will bear witness about him that he is amongst the children of he who was blessed by the A’lmighty. As it says “lema’an asher yetzaveh etc.” See there in the Prisha. That is, that he connects Tzedakah and blessing, that the blessing that came to pillar of chessed and to his children was from the chessed and the tzedakah that they do.

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