The Virtue of Tzedakah

The Virtue of Tzedakah

The gemora in Sukka which I quoted in several of the previous posts, after listing many of the virtue of Tzedakah and what a person stands to gain from giving Tzedakah, the gemora hints that not everyone who wants to have these virtues may have them.


Availability of Virtuous Tzedakah recipients

The gemora there says: Maybe you will say that anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon and reap such gevaldiga rewards can jump up? No, and the gemora brings a verse from Tehillim, Psalms, that expresses itself that Hashem’s Chessed is very dear, very expensive so to speak, implying that it is not easy to come by and not available to any Tom Dick and Harry who wants to cash in. Rashi in his commentary speaks out that not always will there be the availability of virtuous Tzedakah recipients, rather a person has to pay attention, and seek out, and chase after opportunities to give Tzedakah to virtuous people in order to gain from all of that goodness which comes from Tzedakah.

Tzedakah Box

In our generation the opportunities to do real bona fied quality Tzedakah have opened up dramatically. You don’t need anymore a Tzedakah box in your home to be able to give whenever you want to real needy people. Both the individual communities and the global communities have organized themselves in an extraordanary fashion to provide poor people with what they need, with supervision that every penny is getting to where it is really needed.

I mentioned on my Tzedakah Page that there are two organizations in Israel which I know that personally check out every single request, and that every penny goes to the needy families. I don’t mean to imply that others don’t, but those two stand out as exemplary. These two Tzedakah organizations are Va’ad HaRabanim and Kupat Ha’Ir.

I remember still when the Vaadot made a collection before Purim or Rosh Hashanah for 17 families and the like. Slowly this has trickled up until today it is in the thousands of families that get Tzedakah help before the holidays.

Anyway I established here on the blog a virtual Tzedakah box, where I offer the same service, to transfer Tzedakah money to families who are personally known and checked out by me. If you want to give with Paypal or a credit card, so click over to my page and earn.

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