Tzedakah and Chessed

Tzedakah and Chessed

The Tur continues there quoting the gemora in Sukka praising the fulfillment of Tzedakah and Chessed.

Tzedakah and Chessed

Tzedakah Fills World With Chessed

The gemora says there that he who does an act of Tzedakah fills the world with Chessed.

Indeed the verse says in Tehillim, Olam Chessed Yibaneh, the world is built on Chessed, or with Chessed.

I understand the point in the spirit of that which is brought down in the name of the Ba’al Shem Tov HaKadosh, on the verse Hashem Tzilchah, Hashem is your shadow, so to speak. The Ba’al Shem Tov explains that in the way that a person acts below, here on earth, with kindness, or with anger, with strength, or with laziness, in that very same way the A’lmighty chooses through his great wisdom to act with the person in the same manner. Chazal say already that a person who is ma’avir al midosav, so Hashem Yisborach so too does with him. Also the other way, one who sleeps on Rosh Hashana etc. Therefore a person who does Tzedakah, Hashem Yisborach also rains down, so to speak, is manhig the world with the midda of Chessed.

Tzedakah Box

It is brought down, and many do this, to put a coin into the Tzedakah box before davening. It clears the air a bit, so to speak. Tzedakah atones, so when you put a coin in a Tzedakah box you are granted atonement for some of the wrongdoings that you did Tshuvah for, repented for, but things which still require more than just kabala be’lev. Comes along the Tzedakah box, and wipes the slate clean, or at least cleaner than it was. What an introduction for davening !!!

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