Boruch Rappaport Author Blog Gets A New Face

Boruch Rappaport Author Blog Gets A New Face

With the upgrading of my “Author Blog” script this month, the Boruch Rappaport Author blog gets a new face. It is still under construction, with many details yet I have to work out, but the basic shape of the blog is set.

Boruch Rappaport Author Blog

The new script has several design changes from the old script, for example you can vary the width of the columns, and the multimedia box at the upper right is new, and other design possibilities which are not apparent because I did not incorporate them into my Author Blog. But in essence the starting point is that this is a Semiomantics product, fine tuned for WordPress 3.0.1 for search engine performance. As I am part of the Semiomantics developers team, I offer this blog script for licensing and development.

I have not yet been able to bring in my graphics designer for this new stage of the blog, boo hoo, but that is also coming soon. Regarding the old design of the blog until a month ago, I received this compliment:

“This blog looks so precious and unique that even though I wasn’t too interested in the contents, I was magically drawn to it. Once I started reading, I found the stories fascinating and well-written and I regularly come back for more. The outside and the inside form a beautiful composition; I feel I get value that truly elates me. Doing research on the Internet daily since many years, I find this website is a rare gem.”  AR, Cape Town

This is not just a spam comment looking for a backlink. This AR is a personal friend of my graphic designer, who lives in South Africa, who wrote this compliment mainly to my graphics designer. It is heartwarming though to see that others appreciate my writing. We’ll see if my Author Blog 2011 can live up to expectation in quality content and in performance like it did in the past.

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