Isru Chag

Isru Chag

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Isru Chag Pesach

Yesterday was Isru Chag Pesach here in Israel. After davening a Yid came over to me and commented, “Pesach just flew by, didn’t it?”

I answered him, “Sometimes we can appreciate what they have in Chutz Laaretz, two day Yomtovs. Never mind the second seder, even the last day when we celebrate in different formats Krias Yam Suf, I could have used an extra day to digest it all.”

Said my friend, “After all that work, it’s hard just to go back and put away the dishes and then be back on ‘square one.'”

I answered him, “Why ‘Square One?’ Say ‘Square Eight’. You’re a different person now, you’ve left Mitzraim, you’ve crossed the sea. It’s only upward from here. Hayom Shivah Yamim etc. LaOmer.”

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