Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha 5769

Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha

Let me share some thoughts on Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha that came to me like a flash.

Parshat Hashavua

Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha

One of the questions that I had for years, was that it says in Halacha that on Rosh Hashana one should not mention his sins, he should not say viduy, and so forth. Many skip in Aveinu Malkainu those lines that refer to sin, like the first one A. M. chatanu lefanecha. If so, what happened there when we take the Sefer Torah out of the Ark, and we say the Ribbono Shel Olam … U’mechol li al kol avonosiy, ve’al kol avonos anshei baisi, …, ve’taharaini me’chata’iy u’me’avoniy, u’me’pesha’iy, etc.

What happened all of a sudden? Why is that different, what changed?

About two years ago on Simchas Torah, when I was standing in the inner circle by the tzaddik where I spent that Simchas Torah, during Atah Horaisa, it came to me like a flash. The pshat is, that when Klal Yisroel takes the Torah out of the Ark in order to read it, so then all the bad guys disappear, the air is clean without any mekatragim, and therefore then we can even mention our sins. It’s like when Yizkor comes they give a clop and announce, “kinder, arois”, so too, when they take out the Torah, there is like a proclamation, “mekatragim, arois”. And what seems to me is that this was revealed by Moshe Rabainu, or perhaps ois ge’poyaled by him, when he said in Parshas Be’Ha’aloscha “Kuma Hashem Vayafutzu Oiyvecha, Ve’Yanusu Mesanecha Mipanecha”.

Boruch Rappaport

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