More About The Seventh Day of Passover

Shevii Shel Pesach

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The Seventh Day of Pesach

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Shevii Shel Pesach

More About the Seventh Day of Passover

Yetzias Mitzraim and Krias Yam Suf are two parts of a whole — G-d’s gevaldika redemption of the Jewish People from Mitzraim, Egypt. On the first day of Pesach the Yidden were taken out of Egypt, but the Egyptians remained in tact, licking their wounds. But on the Seventh day of Pesach, when they drowned in the sea, they ceased to be, nisbatel bemetzius.

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It is brought down in many places that a tikun for certain things is that when saying Shiras Hayam, to recite it with great Simchah, joyfully, imagining that you passed through the yam and were saved. I am writing at home where my computer is, and it could be that there is a certain non-exactness in that last sentence. At any rate, my impression all the years was that it was talking about the recitation of Shiras HaYam each day, but the Rav who hosted Leil Shivii Shel Pesach a few nights ago took it to mean to relate to Shevii shel Pesach. When I heard those words I stopped listening to the rest of the drasha, and I started to imagine.

For indeed I myself, and I am certain that I am not alone in this, coming where I’m coming from, what Hashem Yisborach has shlepped me out of, and yet where I am today: The not-good influences are still around to attack/tempt (the Mitzrim behind), the shmutz from which it takes a powerful effort not to be affected (the wild animals to the sides), and even forces from above, so to speak, like this hacker which wreaked so much damage to my sites after I built them up nicely (the mal’achim from above), I feel surrounded by spiritual and physical threats.

And I understand that if I would really make a concerted effort, nay, more than a concerted effort, a Mesiras Nefesh on the level of Nachshon Ben Aminadav, to go the whole way, I am sure that I could be poel that all of these things, in relation to me, could be nisbatel bemetzius. However I also realize that I am not holding by that at this time.

However my heart tells me, and this I will share with my readers, that it seems to me, that if one really uses the Chag of Pesach, and in particular the seventh day of Passover, to raise himself up in Emuna and in Kedusha, that he can accomplish a lot.

Hashem Yizakainu.

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